Sim & Depaola


Been a victim or false arrest, illegal search and seizure, malicious prosecution, excessive use of force, police brutality
and other civil rights violations?

Our office has represented thousands of clients that experienced similar civil rights violations and
we obtained successful resolutions by either settlements or by trial.


Do you believe that something went wrong as a result of improper medical treatment and care but you are not sure?

Not all bad outcomes are a bad result of wrongdoing. However, there are many instances where inappropriate treatment and care results in harm to you or your loved one. You need our help to determine whether your harm was a result of malpractice.

Law & Employment

At Sim & DePaola, we have represented clients on both sides of lawsuits alleging violations of the FLSA. This puts us in the unique position of understanding any potential lawsuit from all possible perspectives.

Attorney Referrals Program

We take great pride in the fact that we have forged productive long term referral relationships with like-minded attorneys. We are proud that we have never failed to promptly pay referral fees.

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