Law & Employment:

The Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) and State law establishes minimum wage, overtime pay, notice and record keeping standards that employers are required to comply with. In recent years, the courts have seen an increase in FLSA actions brought against employers by their former or current employees.

FLSA can affect almost every business and it can affect those individuals that are in charge of the employees. The potential liability exposure can be high since employers may be responsible for the employee’s attorney fees if they win.

At Sim & DePaola, we have represented clients on both sides of lawsuits alleging violations of the FLSA. This puts us in the unique position of understanding any potential lawsuit from all possible perspectives.

At Sim & DePaola, we develop legal strategies that make business and common sense. In most cases, the key to efficiently defending an FLSA case is to immediately determine if a violation existed and if so, develop defense strategies to limit the exposure as quickly as possible. We understand that being sued by an employee can seem incredibly unfair. As such, we are mindful of your concerns and thus, we orchestrate a strategy to reduce your liability as well as limit the legal fees you pay in the case.

Each case is evaluated realistically with a cost-effective approach while working with our clients to ensure their interests are being protected. We will resolve a case or aggressively defend it by seeking dismissal of any claim that lacks merit depending on how our client wants to proceed. It is important to be in compliance with FLSA regulations and to assess these claims early in litigation in order to minimize damages.

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